realistic value

With modern technology, the very high fees and hourly rates still charged by many law firms are simply not necessary or justifiable.

In addition to personal attention, expertise and response when you need it, we offer a realistic approach to fees.   You don’t want surprises.

see what’s coming

We will work to fixed fees where appropriate.  Where they aren’t, you can expect lower hourly rates than for other solicitor law firms.

We can also structure fees according to key performance indicators (KPIs), for example according to success in reducing sickness absence over an agreed period.

In fact, we are flexible in our approach and will consider ‘no win, no fee’ and other funding arrangements.

We are commercially minded about our business and our clients are no different.  It’s not complicated.  Help others and they will help you.

“we saved many working hours and internal costs”

Clive Davies, Managing Director, W.E.Dowds (Shipping) Ltd

You need to stand up for your rights. We’ll tell you what they are and stand up with you.